Context and Satisfaction

Context is important. Without knowing what the context is in a sentence, how do you know the meaning of its words? Are you going to the bank to deposit a check, or are you sitting on the bank while fishing. Without context, how do you know? In the Gospel of Matthew we hear about Jesus feeding a great crowd. “And they all ate and were satisfied.” All the people were miraculously fed by Jesus with five loaves and two fish, and they were filled up; they were all satisfied.” Okay, but what does that mean? Were they just full? What satisfied them? The food, the creator of the feast? Let me change this to a question for you. Are you satisfied? Where do you find satisfaction? I can’t make you satisfied, but God can.  In fact, He already has, in Christ.  In the all-redeeming life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, all your sinful debt has been fully and completely satisfied.  You have been satisfied in Christ and because of Christ. “It is finished!” In any context, this is satisfaction.idea-context.jpg

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