Give Thanks

The annual Thanksgiving Holiday is coming up fast, and boy do we have some thanks to give. There is snow on the mountains, there is cool fall weather, and God is waiting for you at Church. I know, things may not be going exactly how you want them to go. None of us is getting any younger. Those crisp chilly mornings can mean stiff and slow muscles. The cold and the wind can be miserable. The brilliant colors of fall will soon be replaced by the more somber tones of winter. But God is still good. He has cared for you since you were brought to Him and made a part of His family in your baptism. He has not abandoned you, even when you walked away from Him. He still waits for you in Church. The words of an old hymn come to my mind. Oswald Allen wrote “Today Your Mercy Calls Us”. It contains one of my favorite lines of any hymn.“No questions will be asked us, How often we have come, Although we oft have wandered, It is our Father’s home”. There is something wonderful about home. You are always welcome there. There is nothing better on a cold day after an absence than walking into your warm and inviting home. It isn’t just that you are now surrounded by your stuff. It is a sure and certain knowledge that here is where you belong. Your Father in Heaven is waiting for you where you belong. He is in His House, waiting with His forgiveness, and His peace. You belong there. And you are welcome. That’s something to be thankful for.



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