A Grand Reopening

What a joyous occasion! We have once again been given permission to meet together at church! June 7th at 10:00 AM will be our first chance to celebrate Divine Service together as a Christian family in many weeks! I look forward to seeing many faces once again, but feel that I should remind those of you at high risk from respiratory disease that you might want to stay home. We promise that we won’t leave you out of life at Faith. We will still be broadcasting our service on the internet. We will still offer communion by appointment as we have been throughout this crisis. If you need anything at all we will be here for you! 

For those of you who can come to corporate service, things will be a little different. We will have to continue to observe social distancing, and the wearing of face masks to keep each other safe. We won’t be passing the offering plates, instead they will be placed in the back of the church so that you can drop your offering in them as you enter or exit the church. Seating will be different. Ushers will direct you to a spot that might not be “your pew.” They don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. They will be looking to keep people a safe distance from each other while maximizing the space we have in the sanctuary. There will be no passing of the peace. Handshaking will be replaced with a wave. Communion will be different for the same reason, to keep you safe. We will have a separate entrance and exit for many. Ushers will once again direct you where to go, and when to go for your safety. This is all from a desire to keep each of God’s children at Faith safe and well.

Some things will not change, nor should they ever. God’s Word will be preached in all its fullness. We will hear our Savior’s voice in the Gospel. The font will be present reminding us all that we are baptized children of God. Holy Communion will be observed, because we need the strength of the Holy Spirit and the forgiveness of Jesus our Lord. Our family will celebrate coming together in person and online. We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses to God’s faithfulness, God is good. I look forward to seeing all of you! Whether at home or in the church! 

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