It seems as if this year has lasted forever. We have spent eight months so far isolating for a pandemic. We have gone through a polarizing election. We are uncertain about the future. I know that is a normal state for people to be in. I imagine a Roman wondering what was going to happen after Caesar took power, that seems to be in the air again. Things change. Situations change. Life changes. 

However the season of Advent is here. We start a new church year with a fact. Jesus has come, and is coming again. There is no uncertainty here. We confess this regularly. Jesus will come again, judging the living and the dead. That day terrifies many people. But not us. We know that he came in humility, born a baby, humble and weak. He walked the earth. He died on a cross, a death that is singled out as cursed. He paid our debt, suffering, dying, in our place. The anger of God was spent on Jesus. He was resurrected. The sign that the price had been paid. The first, but not the last. We have been baptized into that death, that resurrection. We are heirs of God’s kingdom. 

Advent reminds us that Jesus came as that baby in a manger, and that he is coming again; this time with everyone knowing the king of creation. But we are not terrified. We shout, “come Lord Jesus!” Come and take away the sickness and the sadness! Come and take away the fear and the tears! Come, you who take away the sin of the world and bring us peace! Wipe away our tears! 

He is coming. We do not know the day or the hour. But He is coming. There will be a time when the uncertainty and the fear is over. Until then we live as people looking forward to a time that is coming. We work where God has planted us, and we wait, all the time singing, “come Lord Jesus.” 

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