A New Thing

I know that many of you are looking forward to things getting back to normal. This period of social distancing is hard and scary. I want things to settle down as well. However, I question whether there will be normal again. The 1918 flu pandemic lasted into 1919. That pandemic killed 675,000 Americans. The people … More A New Thing

We Did It!

Our first online Service wasn’t perfect, but it is done. We will learn from this and move forward, until such a time as we can meet again. I look forward to seeing you all in person, once again, but for now we will learn and grow through God’s Word online. If you missed Service this … More We Did It!


One of my favorite authors is a British writer named Terry Pratchett. A thread that traveled through his books, was called narrativium. Narrativium was an element that all people had built into them. What Pratchett meant by using Narrativium was that a part of what made people into human beings was stories. The stronger the … More Narrativium